Just like any criminal charges, anyone that is accused of driving while under the influence is not guilty unless the courts prove it. The only way that you can be punished is if the jury finds you guilty or if you confess to the crime. The type of judgment they get depends on the laws of the state, any aggravation circumstances that they might have, as well as the cooperation level they had with the authorities. Here are some of the DUI charges and how Ticket911.ca can help you fight it with our legal work.

Being given jail time

DUI is not something that the law court takes lightly, and in fact, if you are guilty you might be given a jail sentence. For instance, if your blood to alcohol level is high, some states might give a more severe punishment. In case this is your first time to be arrested due to DUI then the fact that you are not a repeat offender could give you a lighter punishment. If you caused an accident as a result of DUI then this means that this is a felony. DUI can be confusing and there is a lot to learn within a short time, thus, this is the reason you should get an attorney to defend you and make sure that you get the minimum sentence possible. Learn more about lawyers at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_injury_lawyer.


Other than getting court sentence, the court could end up imposing hefty fines of DUI cases. In some cases, one can also get the jail time and fine which can be rather frustrating. This is the reason that you need to get an attorney to help defend you and ease the punishment. You will find that getting Criminal lawyer Montreal from Ticket911.ca will help ensure that you not to get the maximum punishment.

The driver’s license

DUI is a crime that could result in you losing your right to drive as your license can be taken away fro you. The suspension of the right to drive might be just for a few months, or it could be that you will never be allowed behind the wheel. Other than taking your driver’s license, you might also have your car taken and its registration being revoked. In case you did not cause any accident, then you are in luck as it is possible to defend your right to be a driver. Thus, you should note that defending yourself can be overwhelming, especially since you might not be familiar with DUI and the laws around it. Getting the legal presentation will help make sure that you get a reduced sentence.


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